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Join Wilton Golf Club- Membership

Now is an excellent time to join the golf club. There is no joining fee which means that the only price you will pay is as shown on the price list below. Please note that the year runs 1 May to 30 April so joining after May means you will not necessarily pay the full price.

Membership is by application only and is open to everybody.
Please feel free to contact our secretary for further information regarding memberships.
Tel: 01642 465265
Email: secretary@wiltongolfclub.co.uk

Membership Fees for Year 2022 – 2023

Locker Fee £20.00
Loyalty Card £10.00

Membership Category Annual Fees
Full Adult Male/Lady (31yrs and over) £730.00
CASC (For those persons on low or modest income who are unable to pay more. Those who wish to take advantage of this reduced membership can apply in confidence to the Secretary of the Club. This membership is available upon satisfaction that the full cost of membership is not affordable.) £510.00
Intermediate 25-30 £480.00
Young Adult 21-24 £365.00
Youth 16-20 £150.00
Junior 12-15 £15.00
Juvenile 11 and under Free
Country Membership (Must be a full playing member of any other recognized golf club. Has a permanent residence address not nearer than 35 miles from the Clubhouse.) £365.00
Associate Member (May be applied for by Members who for whatever reason are unable to play golf at Wilton Golf Club for extended periods but wish to retain their links with the Club. It is also open to applicants who wish to join the Club for social reasons. Members in this category wishing to transfer to full playing status will be admitted immediately and not be charged a Joining Fee The following conditions apply:- Can only begin at the start of the subscription year and is not retrospective. The Member is not allowed to play golf and will have no voting rights. Should the Member wish to transfer to full playing status during the subscription year an application should be made in writing. The Subscription Fee to be charged will be calculated taking into account the number of months left in the Subscription Year and the amount already paid.) £30.00
Chronic Sick (Could be applied for by a Member who by the nature of his/her illness will not get any better and is only capable of playing a limited amount of golf. Anyone applying may be requested to provide a medical certificate. Members in this category will have a different bag tag and will only be allowed to play a few holes on the bottom half of the course. (Tee Times must be booked at the pro-shop). Applicants for this status must have been full Members for at least five years.) £130.00

Membership Application Form & Junior Membership

  • Membership includes unlimited access to the course.
  • On-line Booking System.
  • Loyalty Card offering a 14% discount on drinks and a 10% discount on catering in the clubhouse.
  • Official WHS Handicap.


    As well as having full access to the golf course and all its facilities, there is also the opportunity for juniors to play in the men's competitions once they achieve a handicap of 18 or less.

    The junior section has traditionally provided a large proportion of the lower handicap golfers in the club, testimony to the quality of the coaching, the facilities and opportunities Wilton Golf Club has provided for its junior members.

    Numerous past juniors have gone on to win the major honours in the golf club and two previous junior members have won the club championship whilst they were still juniors.

    The junior section of Wilton Golf Club hosts numerous competitions throughout the year. During the summer season there is usually a junior competition every Sunday and currently there are 12 trophy competitions along with many qualifying competitions. In the winter season the juniors compete for the Winter Cup which is a league competition that encourages continued participation throughout the winter months.

    Junior coaching sessions are held every Sunday morning at 10:00am-11:00pm from February to September and are open to both members and non-members at a cost of £5 per child.

    For further details on our Junior Membership & Coaching contact our PGA Professional James Kraus on 01642 452730 or see below information.


Wilton Golf Club, Wilton, Redcar, TS10 4QY

01642 465265