Club President Graham Ellis 2024-2026

Graham joined Wilton Golf Club in 1973.

He has served on the Management Committee for several years and became Captain in 2000.

Graham was elected President at our AGM in February 2024. His aim as Club President is to be proactive in supporting an promoting Wilton Golf Club in any way he can. He will ensure he is visible to members and visitors and to make everyone feel welcome to our Golf Club.

House & Social Committee- Caroline Garvey

‘Ensure that our clubhouse is a place members and visitors enjoy spending time. Have responsibility for overseeing all aspects of the club’s services, and the maintenance of the clubhouse and associated areas.’
England Golf

Committee Members

* Caroline Garvey (Chair)
* John Buxton
* Rob Hugill
* Simon Brook

General Duties

The role of the House and Social Committee is to liaise and work with our Clubhouse Manager, to ensure that the clubhouse facilities and services for members and guests are of the highest standards.
We oversee all matters relating to the clubhouse, and assess and review the standard and quality of the facilities and services within the clubhouse. We monitor the condition of the clubhouse to identify annual and longer-term requirements.
We act as a focal point for all feedback, positive and negative for discussion at our monthly meetings.

Competitions Committee- Ken Dixon

Ken Dixon is the the current Chairman of the Competitions Committee here at Wilton Golf Club. The committee is made up of Ken and Graham Ellis. The Committee work in conjunction with the Professional shop to organise and deliver club and open competitions for male members.

Greens Committee- John Buxton

“… many clubs there is often one brave soul who will battle on as Chairman until he tires of the yearly abuse thrown in his direction by impatient golfers. His thankless task includes attempting to protect his green staff from the more belligerent members, and fighting in General Committee for sufficient funds with which to manage a course”
Quote from the R&A discussion document “The Way Forward”

Greens Committee members

* John Buxton – Chairman
* Barry Matthews
* Steve Hugill

General Duties

The role of the Chairman of Greens is to liaise and work closely with our Head Greenkeeper Ron Butler, to maintain and develop the golf course to the satisfaction of the club membership.

The sub-committee’s purpose is to retain and improve the quality of the golf course to ensure it achieves excellent playing conditions for the use and enjoyment by the members, visitors and guests all year round.

With a low handicap index myself, I know the importance of having excellent greens and a quality course to play.
We meet regularly with the Head Greenkeeper with the majority held on the course so that current conditions and problems can be viewed and discussed. We plan for course maintenance and improvements all year round.
We also listen to the members to hear their thoughts and suggestions and report back to the main committee for discussion, because without members we wouldn’t be here today.

So please enjoy the course, enjoy your golf and don’t forget to repair your divots and pitchmarks!!